On-going support and customized products
Thanks to its international expertise, SETNAG is able to respond to your requirements and adapt products to your application if necessary:

-    either by manufacturing according to your specification
-    or by creating a completely new design to meet your specific needs.

The provisions as regards control, measurement, oxygen analysis, and gas analysis also include maintenance and service, after-sales service, hire, and even training.
SETNAG also markets toxic and explosive gas detectors, portable combustion gas analysers, Polarimeters, and Refractometers.

Long-lasting commitments

SETNAG fulfils its societal and environmental responsibilities:

-    SETNAG is ISO9001 compliant. Our oxygen analysers are also NF IE compliant (Instrumentation for the Environment): this certification guarantees appropriate performance and strict control of the products.
All the SETNAG-branded oxygen analysers contribute to retro-fitting of industrial facilities, particularly regarding discharge of atmospheric pollutants.

-    100% French production: contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions due to transport.
"Made in France" guarantees quality and compliance with environmental and social legislation.

-    SETNAG has always sorted and recycled its waste:
Recycling of the analysers' components
Recycling of paper and obsolescent office equipment