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MicroPoas®, reliable and accurate control and measurement 
Brand : SETNAG

MicroPoas®, reliable and accurate control and measurement


MicroPoas® is a sensor with a built-in metal reference, meaning that it does not require any reference gas. This gives several advantages: miniaturization, autonomy towards outside environment, high metrological performances, use in extreme environments (extreme temperature and pressure), longer life span, etc.


Mastered technique and technology


Miniaturization: the smallest of all zirconia sensors

-       standard diameter: 3mm (2mm for special application)

-       10mm long


Autonomy: very high measurement accuracy

-       Specific to gaseous oxygen

-       Inside metal reference: made of a metal and its oxide, it is placed inside the zirconia sleeve

-       Built-in thermocouple (K or S type): the real MicroPoas® temperature is taken into account.


Unique features 

-       Reference gas becomes unnecessary

-       Very high resistance to thermal shocks

-       Longer life span

-       Assemblies fit to measure both under vacuum conditions and under pressure (10-4 mbar to over 70 bar)

-       Response time << 1 s.

-       Life span over 3 years on clean gases

-       Measured oxygen partial pressure: 10-35 to 10 atm

-       Working temperature: 500 à 1050°C

-       Resistance to total pressure > 400 atm

-       Resistance to thermal shocks: > 100 cycles between 20 and 700°C in 10 s.

-       Very fast set-up

-       Direct installation inside a process at high temperature (for instance: thermobalance systems)

-       Possibility of use in specific furnaces for integration in SETNAG oxygen analysers.