The ATK range analysers The ATK range analysers The ATK range analysers The ATK range analysers
The ATK range analysers
Measurement of oxygen in combustion gases and in incineration gases.
QAL1 compliant (EN14181)
Brand : SETNAG


No need for reference gas: use of the MicroPoas®
Maximum gas temperature: up to 1300° C continuously, depending on the version
No sensitive parts and no hot spot inside the duct
Free circulation of the gases you analyse
"Detachable" probe tubes: easy to dismantle and replace for simple and cost-effective maintenance.
Limited maintenance and service operations: easy probe tube cleaning with compressed air and/or fast dismantling.


The gases own speed inside the duct enables them to flow freely up to the sensor where they are analysed. They pass through co-circular tubes the length of which can be adapted to the dimensions of the duct.
The electronic system collects the temperature and voltage signals from the MicroPoas®, and gives the oxygen concentration.


Control of combustion in power generation, district heating operations...
Incineration of industrial and domestic waste
VOC incineration
Control of processes...