During the eighties, as part of his PhD, Michel Gantès, played an active role in the development of an oxygen sensor designed to predict imminent volcano eruptions.

In close cooperation with Haroun Tazieff’s team, he developed a technique to predict eruption of a volcano, based on the magma’s rise and the evolution of its gaseous phase. This technique is based on the measurement of oxygen partial pressure. Today, Michel is the Executive Director of SETNAG.

The experience Michel Gantès gained in a leading research laboratory in this field, working in the difficult domain of volcanoes, close to fumes and in tough conditions, enabled him to develop innovative gas analysis solutions.

SETNAG was the logical conclusion of this human and volcanic story. A company on a human scale. A 100% French team of oxygen specialists.

SETNAG was founded in 1986 by Michel Gantès, its current Executive Director, to develop and market a specific oxygen sensor, which is now called MicroPoas®. The technology has been continuously advanced and improved in order to meet SETNAG customers' requirements.

The strength of the SETNAG team derives from a wealth of entrepreneurial and human values, making the company focused on achieving customer satisfaction. Everyone plays an essential role in project implementation, through his or her know-how, expertise, and professionalism.

Advice, innovative solutions, safety, accuracy are the best words to describe SETNAG's activities, whether it is product manufacturing or service provision.

Solutions for analysis, measurement and control of oxygen

SETNAG designs and manufactures oxygen analysers to control combustion and processes. Its analysers are in use in many fields such as waste incineration, industry, fundamental research, heat treatment, power generation, pure gas production, food processing industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, etc.

SETNAG, your accredited partner in oxygen, analysis

For all its oxygen analysers, and from the beginning, SETNAG has always had a strong commitment to R&D, and a process of continuous progress.
SETNAG provides a solution for every oxygen measurement need, no matter how simple or complicated.
SETNAG obtained ISO9001 accreditation in January 2000.

SETNAG also markets other products:
- Portable combustion analysers
- Fixed gas detectors
- Personal gas detectors

Made in France and internationally recognized

SETNAG designs, and manufactures its analyser in France. All parts and components are 100% "Made in France".
This is a guarantee of quality; and customers know that SETNAG complies with all French and European environmental and social standards.
Numerous European customers make use of SETNAG’s know-how, which is now internationally recognized.